Monday, April 16, 2012

Profile: Peta O'Neill of "Love Mae"

Name: Peta O'Neill
What are you selling at Sew & Tell? Wrapping paper and paper craft. I think that will be all.

Q. What is your craft / creative outlet of choice?
A. My creative outlet is Photography … where as my craft outlet at the moment involves a 3 and 6 year old. Very messy and lots of recycling

Q. Who is your craft idol?
A. Hello Sandwich

Q. Who taught you to craft?
A. My mum

Q. Who or what inspires you to be creative?
A. Life … Sorry for the generic answer but it is true

Q. Which talent would you most like to have?
A. Totally unrelated…. to be able to sing, well enough to take over the karaoke microphone and not be kicked off the stage.

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A. Ha this could have a very long winded answer because I’m great at detail… so I will spare you all. But basically it involves my whole family and time for all of us.

Q. What is your greatest fear?
A. He he … RATS… and I live in the country!!!

Q. What is your current state of mind?
A. Craziness… flying solo with a small business while my partner works up north for six months.

Q. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
A. Living each moment in the present. The achievement comes and goes depending on sleep.

Q. What is your most treasured possession?
A. My home.

Q. Where is your ideal place to live?
A. By the ocean.

Q. Favourite holiday destination?
A. So many... But I will have to go with NY for this as I’ve only ever been there for work. I would love to be able to walk around for days on end with the time restraints. I’m so fascinated by that city.

Q. If money were no object, where would you take off to?
A. Indefinitely and everywhere… travelling is my favourite passion. I can’t wait to show my children the world and all its cultures.

Q. Can you tell us about your best vintage find?
A. The patchwork rug on my bed. I picked it up in Brooklyn and I have never seen anything so beautiful and carefully made. I feel terrible that I got it so cheap.

Q. What is your favourite thing to cook for your friends?
A. Vegetarian feasts… I love to cook for friends and go a little overboard.

Q. What is your motto?
A. At the moment it is … ‘One thing at a time’. Not always easily achieved.

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