Thursday, May 24, 2012

How you can get involved!

Two more sleeps! That's all that stands between us, you and a hall full of cool crafty stuff!

And sew…with the event approaching fast we wanted to fill you in on a few new stalls we've concocted that we hope you will get involved with!

Do you have a cupboard full of craft projects that you have been trying to finish off for years…like that latch hook project you started in the 80’s? Or the Jenny Kee style jumper you started knitting?

We have asked our stallholders to clean out their craft cupboards and donate their unfinished business and we'd like you to do the same! Just bring any unfinished projects along to Sew & Tell and put them on the unfinished business stall.

All items on the unfinished business stall will be free and you don’t have to return to sender. All you have to do is promise to finish them off and post a pic of the finished item on the Sew & Tell Facebook page. 

Yes, we're going to have a stall where everything is free and you can donate to this one too!

The idea is that we'll put a bunch of items on a table (fruit, vegetables, herbs, chilli's, wool, threads, badges, crafty items etc) and it's all free but if you take something we encourage you to do a random act of kindness for someone at some stage during the day – like pay for a coffee for the person behind you.

If you have something to donate to the free stall (maybe your orange or lime tree is loaded, maybe you have some great vintage piece that you don't wear anymore) then just bring it along and put it on the stall.

What a great way to spread the love and goodwill around the local hood!

We are having a Man Cave for the men to respite from the craft and vintage worship taking place in the rest of the hall. There'll be comfy seating, Smith Journal mags to read and from about 10.30am we'll even have a barber present - Jack The Snipper - to attend to the fellas locks.

If you are coming - and we hope you are! - please bring a bag with you. Try not to forget! But if you do, our mates at Frankie Magazine have very kindly donated some posters to us that we are stitching into simple recycled bags so we will also have these on hand.

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